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Indeed it’s actress Titty Titty Bang Bang’s turn as the gruff wiseacre noir private detective Big Dick that lifts the entire evening.She’s hilarious, knowing, spontaneous and in command of both the other characters in the show and the audience.In fact, it’s comedy that saves this first-time burlesque outing from director Sabrina Harper. —thank you, I’m here each issue) but when the jokes do work they get big laughs.Surprisingly the undeniable highlight of the show is unrelated to the rich source material, a trailblazing form of education about the Wild West.The women, dancing their way around such fabled threats as dysentery and typhoid, are lively, though the choreography is rarely riveting.One welcome exception is a fan dance, courtesy of one Polly Pom Poms who also has a notable flair for the comical." -Chicago Now, Count Gregula Directed by Sabrina Harper Choreographed by Zatanna Zor-Elle Written by Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldman Costumes by Kristen Ahern Produced by Gorilla Tango Burlesque BRINGING A LARGE GROUP?

Yet, oddly, the musical selections don’t tap that goldmine.

So the notion of sex in society that we see on TV, it often shows these physically fit people having traditional forms of sex. When you don’t see yourself in those magazines or part of those models, then you internalize that image and think that, OK, I guess I’m not sexy. Danielle Sheypuk, and this is my Brief but Spectacular take on making disability sexy.

You don’t have to be able to do the standard throw-down notions of sex. People with disabilities have the same sexual needs and desires and appetite for romance and intimacy that everyone else has. HARI SREENIVASAN: Watch more from our Brief But Spectacular series on our Web site,

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