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Acting as if sexual aggression against women is normal and unimportant can have real and harmful consequences, as I have seen through my previous work with sexual assault survivors as a rape crisis counselor and my scholarship on sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Here are four ways attempts to normalize these behaviors can harm women in very real ways.

But by equating feminism with hating men, she inadvertently dismisses not just the many men who identify as feminists, but more importantly diminishes the gender equality that feminism has championed over the years — including workplace equality.

Most states do have laws that require local staff to contact authorities in certain situations, like if there is a child or vulnerable adult who is in danger.

While almost all callers are connected directly to a staff member or volunteer at a local sexual assault service provider, a handful of providers use an answering service after daytime business hours. If all staff members are busy, you may choose to leave a phone number with the answering service.

I would suggest that Trump’s reaction to the video is just as alarming as the conversation itself.

His explanation implies that his words are normal and natural – just a way for men to joke around and bond.

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