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Often, he then used the information he obtained to play psychological games with his victims.” Court documents filed in the case describe how Mijangos induced victims to download the malware onto their computers by making the files appear to be popular songs or videos.

After the victims downloaded the malware, Mijangos was able to control their computers, allowing him to send instant messages containing malware from those computers to other people in the victims’ address books.

Run for the hills -- there's plenty of trouble ahead...

London: £50 Cheap fully furnished room First thing you should probably know is I'm a bit of a perv and I'm looking for an attractive female house mate, the kind of girl who likes to walk around in her underwear or leave her bedroom door slightly ajar when getting changed.

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I have a nice condo in the Marina overlooking the boats. I am a bit old and I am no longer interested in sex, but would like to have a nice female to brighten up my day. All you young girls have to do is send this older gentleman photos of yourself. London: £1 Cheap room - make me an offer I've got a spare room in my house that isn't being used.__Bowers: __ I don't want you to leave me alone, but I think things would be a lot better if we were able to keep our relationship as just friends__Bowers: __ Course, my finding you all attractive doesn't make that easy for me.__Bowers: __ The only reason I would be iffy about dating you if we were local would have nothing to do with you other than the age difference__Helms: __ Because you came out here and used me.__Helms: __I feel like you raped me.__Bowers: __I know, and though that was not my intent, nor even what I wanted, it has become a big mistake that I wish I could correct. In her suicide note she referenced Bowers, the "man who raped me."The suit seeks unspecified real and punitive damages, including the cost of psychological counseling paid by the parents of the dead girl.It's a heartbreaking story, all the more so because the parents, as in the Megan Meier tragedy, went to some lengths to try and protect their daughter.An FBI affidavit filed in the original criminal investigation shows the two communicated through a variety of means.Helms initially contacted Bowers over Yahoo Instant Messenger after seeing his personal Geocities webpage.

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