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It is hard to imagine that the stylish, confident 24-year-old, smiling and posing for a picture with TV star Joe Manganiello (of HBO’s “True Blood”) at a party honoring powerful women in the region, experienced the trauma that she did. Like most teens, Kozakiewicz had been awkward and shy. But in the darkness of Tyree’s basement, she found her courage.

“On the fourth day, I remember thinking, .” Later that day, when Tyree was at work, Kozakiewicz heard crashing on the front door, “and I hear men screaming, ‘We have guns! ’” As armed men swarmed the house, “I saw the most beautiful letters in the alphabet: F-B-I, in bold yellow on the backs of their jackets, and I knew I was safe.” How did she get there in the first place?

Hell is a townhouse in Northern Virginia overrun with cats, comic books and computers. But like the hero in every epic story since Homer’s , Kozakiewicz managed to escape from the underworld, returning home with newfound strength, wisdom and purpose.

That’s where, for four days in the winter of 2002, Kozakiewicz, then 13, was held captive by a 38-year-old man who abducted her from outside her parents’ house in Pittsburgh. All of this is obvious when you meet her in person — although her appearance and attitude come as a surprise. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan, whose office coordinated Kozakiewicz’s dramatic rescue and convicted her abductor, puts it: “Alicia is not a victim of child abuse; she is a survivor.” Kozakiewicz says that her kidnapper, Scott Tyree, a divorced computer programmer now serving a 19-year prison sentence, “stole my innocence.” But, she stresses, he could not take away her will to live, not even as he starved, beat and sexually assaulted her for four days in a basement dungeon stocked with knives, whips, chains and a cage.

She explained that the program was too harsh so she escaped back to the streets where she has been for the last 3 years because this is where she feels at home and is able to find love. More often than not, the trafficker is someone the girl (or boy) once felt close to.

Older men will often target lonely or unsuspecting young people and will convince them that they love them.

While he killed several women over the course of more than a decade, Robinson got away with murder until police made a gruesome discovery hidden in plain sight on his property in Kansas.

When officials learned exactly how the middle-aged husband and father met many of his victims, he was given the dubious distinction of being the "Internet's First Serial Killer" - as well as two life sentences.

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If you believe the child is in life threatening danger, you should contact 911 and clearly explain your concerns that this child is a victim of human trafficking.

However, Clampitt disappeared in June 1987, and she has never been found dead or alive.

That same year, 46-year-old Robinson went to prison, not for murder, but for defrauding investors who had participated in a business partnership with him.

Those who know anything about Satanic Abuse (SRA) and Mind Control know that these memories are programmed to stay hidden, locked away in the altered personalities the programmers create within your mind.

However, many victims do not start to recall past events until they are in their 30s or 40s, if at all.

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